There Still Is Hope In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the season at 13-3 and secured home field advantage in this year’s  NFL Playoffs. The only problem is that Carson Wentz will not be leading the team to the Superbowl, it will be his backup Nick Foles. The 2013 version of  Nick Foles couldn’t even win a playoff game; however, the team is way better than it was the last time they went to the Playoffs.

Obviously speaking, Foles is not even close to Carson Wentz. Even 3rd string QB Nate Sudfeld looked  more promising than Foles. However, Foles does have Playoff experience and that is huge for the Eagles. Foles is aware of the pressure that he will be under in Philadelphia in less than 2 weeks. The Eagles will have to face either the Saints, Panthers or Falcons. The Eagles beat the Panthers earlier in the season in Carolina. The Saints have a dangerous run game but the Eagles have the best rush defense in the NFL. The Falcons barely made it into the Playoffs and haven’t looked that great at any point in the season.

Here is a bold statement but it makes sense: The Falcons WILL beat the Rams. Why? The Rams have a young Qb with no Playoff experience. A head coach who has zero playoff experience. McVay did not even go to the Playoffs with the Redskins when he was on that staff. Mix that in with a physical Atlanta defense who not only can dial up a pass rush but can also stop the run. Coach Dan Quinn and Matt Ryan have Playoff experience and lots of talent on both sides of the ball. Look for a huge upset omn Wild Card Weekend.

If the Falcons do beat the Rams than the Eagles will play the Falcons in Philadelphia. Here is why the Eagles will beat the Atlanta Falcons even with Nick Foles. Defense, Defense and more defense. If the defensive line of the Eagles gets to Matt Ryan than it should be a easy win for the Eagles. The run defense should hold steady against the likes of Freeman and Coleman. That will put a lot of pressure on Matt Ryan to score points and that will be hard when Julio Jones will be double covered most of the game. Speaking of Julio Jones, he has had a solid year but has only scored 3 times all season. Mohamed Sanu has 5 Touchdowns on the year and Taylor Gabriel only has 1.

Doug Pederson needs to admit that Foles is not Wentz and can not run the same offense with Foles. Jay Ajayi and Blount need to be force fed the ball and use Clement on screen plays. If the Eagles do just enough on offense the Eagles should walk into the Superbowl. Nick Foles is 9-0 as the Eagles starter when playing at the Linc. So there is a chance.

Sixers Vs Eagles: Philadelphia’s Next Dynasty Team

It is a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan at the moment. The Eagles are currently atop the NFL in the standings and “The Process” is finally paying off. The Eagles are literally destroying everybody in their path and the Sixers young core is looking like Shaq and Penny 2.0. The huge question is, which team should Philly fans put stock in for the future.

Looking at the Eagles, the team is currently at 8-1 and Carson Wentz is on pace to be the MVP in only his 2nd season. That is pretty incredible. Along with having a super scary defensive line and a growing secondary the Eagles are looking like formidable squad for years to come. At the moment, the Eagles defense is setting the team up for success. Opposing teams are only rushing 18 times per game on average against the Eagles. That is actually the lowest amount of rushes per game of all time. That means teams are throwing 30-40 times every week and it is not working out. Patrick Robinson is playing out of his mind ranking as the #1 DB in the NFL according to PFF (Pro Football Focus). Jalen Mills is only in his 2nd year but has proved that he should go up against the opposing #1 WR every week. The linebacking core doesn’t get enough credit. Nigel Bradham and when healthy Jordan Hicks are among the best in the NFL as well as Mychal Kendricks who has seen an uptick in production since Hicks was placed on the IR a few weeks ago. To top everything off the Eagles have a pretty decent running game that features newly acquired Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement. Blount is on a one year deal and it is not clear whether the team will retain his services after this season. All together the Eagles have a solid foundation and look to win their first Super Bowl this season.

The 76ers are on a whole other level than the Eagles. Ben Simmons is already locked in on winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award and Joel Embiid and dominating along side his 6’10 point guard. Robert Covington has budded into a good 2 way way player and Dario Saric is doing whatever he can to help the 76ers win. The great news is that the 76ers core is in place and under contract. The 76ers can add around their core and and be even better than what they are now in the future. The crazy part is Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid aren’t even in their primes yet. Imagine Simmons with a functioning jump shot. Imagine Embiid playing a full season. It is amazing to think of how good this team can be when the team hits their stride. Fultz is dealing with a shoulder injury and the team is still managing to win despite the loss of Fultz. The Process has finally payed off and the team is starting to look like the team that can take on the Golden State Warriors and win. The Eastern Conference lost a lot of talent in the offseason and it is up for grabs. The Sixers are going to be the team to step up. If not this year than for sure next year with a fully healthy core.

Sadly, the Eagles are in prime position to lose a few of their coaches in a few months. Quarterback coach John Defilippo may be the most intriguing candidate in the off season for a head coaching position. Jim Schwartz may leave for his last try at being a head coach for the right opportunity.  The loss of Defilippo may stunt Wentz’s growth and that is a huge deal. Not to mention the the NFC is starting to look like the Western Conference in football. The Eagles may be the team this year but next year and the year after that is a huge question mark. The Sixers may be young but like stated earlier, the core is there and is staying . The Sixers have more favorable odds to be contenders than the Eagles do. Philadelphia fans should love both teams but if you were to say which team is the next dynasty in Philadelphia the answer should be the Sixers.



Defense Shines While Offense Provides

The Philadelphia Eagles took care of business against the 49ers in a 33-10 thrashing this Sunday. Of course it was against a a 0-7 49ers squad; however, the game proved that even when Carson Wentz isn’t bringing it, somebody else is sure to shine. The defensive stepped up Sunday tallying 4 sacks and allowing less than 100 rushing yards once again. The loss of Jason Peters was heavily felt though in this game, making it almost certain that Lane Johnson switches to Left Tackle in the near future. Overall, the Eagles continued to prove that they are the best team in the NFL this year and have shown no signs of slowing down.

The defensive line in Philly is probably the most deep it has been since the mid 2000s. The line obviously has it’s share of star talent like Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham but also has players that have star potential like Timmy Jernigan and Derek Barnett. Eagles fans might be having flashbacks of “The Freak” Jevon Kearse and Corey Simon coming off the edge and dominating the trenches.  The biggest takeaway from this game was did anybody notice that Jordan Hicks was not playing? His season ending injury against the Redskins seemed to be a huge loss but in actuality it wasn’t this Sunday. Kendricks finally got a chance to prove himself and that is exactly what he did. Kendricks ended up with 7 tackles including a sack and 2 hits on the QB. Solid. Jalen Mills had a pick six in the game and honestly that put the game away and it was only in the 2nd quarter.

On the contrary to the defensive line, the Eagles offensive line didn’t have a great day. They were just okay when it came to creating holes for the running game and on pass protection it was dreadful. Mainly Big V who is Jason Peter’s replacement was dreadful. The sacks came in the first half but the Eagles adjusted in the second and ultimately figured it out. Alshon Jeffery finally went up for a ball, brought it down and scored a touchdown. Who would have known that Alshon could do that? Since the Eagles are literally winning almost every aspect of the game every week I think there needs to be more chances given to Alshon Jeffery. Let the man earn his contract. 50/50 balls can be a game changer and something Carson Wentz needs to work on with his outside threat. Corey Clement had a solid day rushing for 54 yards on 10 carries with one of those carries being a 22 yard play.

The biggest stat of the day was the last time the Eagles  went 7-1 was in 2004. 2004 obviously being the year the Eagles went to the Superbowl. The Eagles take on the Broncos this week who have been struggling lately on the offensive side of the ball. How convenient that the Eagles have one of the best defenses in the NFL. If the Eagles win against the Broncos the team will go into the bye week 8-1 and in prime position to be the number 1 seed in the Playoffs.

Bird Gang Shows Out In Carolina

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Carolina Panthers in a huge road game Thursday night. The win puts the Eagles at 5-1 overall and atop the NFC as a whole. It is never safe to make assumptions about a Philadelphia team but this year’s Eagles team is a legit contender. They have the “Sauce”, the “Juice” and most importantly they have their shit together. There has been a lot of suffering in Philadelphia but the Eagles are making up for everything and more.

To start out, let’s give a S/O to “Superman”  Cam Newton for throwing 3 interceptions in Thursday night’s game. The problem with Cam Newton is that he lacks the mental capacity to be a Top 10 QB in the NFL. The guy has all the talent in the world and will never be able to put it together because he will never evolve. If it wasn’t for Carolina’s defense the Panthers would not be a good team. If you watched the game after halftime it was almost as if Newton gave up. The Eagles pass rush literally made Newton give up. It is hard to come back when your “leader” isn’t the leader that every team looks for in their QB. It was also disconcerting to hear the remarks made about about women’s role in sports coverage. Women have every right to be respected in the world of sports. There are so many talented women covering sports on so many networks and they deserve credit where credit is due and most importantly respect.

Back to the game, Carson Wentz was 16 for 30 with 3 TD’s. Back to back games with at least 3 TD’s for Wentz and overall the offense is rolling. Who would have thought that Nelson Agholor would be balling out this season. He pretty much saved his career with the numbers he is putting up this season. He caught a pass from Wentz on a slant and took it to the house. His speed is very impressive and most importantly he is holding onto the ball this year. Zach Ertz only had two catches against Carolina but those catches were two touchdowns. Ertz leads all Tight Ends in catches and receiving yards. Ertz has benefitted the most from Jordan Matthews being traded. Ertz is the security blanket that keeps the offense rolling. Alshon Jeffery again didn’t have a great game but it depends how you look at it. Opposing defenses have to respect Jeffery’s ability on the outside. He is more of a decoy than a playmaker in Philadelphia.  If this was the NBA, he would be Dwyane Wade when LeBron played with the Heat. If teams don’t respect Jeffery than Wentz has a deep threat target that will terrorize opposing DB’s. Blount had another solid game against another run stopping defense. Blount ran 14 times for 67 yards and did most of his damage when the Eagles really needed it. There was speculation that Blount would be cut this offseason but he is proving doubters wrong every week.

Defensively, the front 7 had another great game. Jim Johnson is looking down on this team with a smile. Cox came back from injury and literally threw a 300 pound offensive lineman into Cam Newton’s lap and made it into a turnover. The Eagles are ranked as the 3rd best defense in the NFL and it is why the Eagles are a legit contender. Name a QB who plays well under pressure. You can’t. The Eagles will make every QB they face this year play bad. There isn’t a offensive line in the NFL that can contain Cox, Jernigan, Graham, and Long.  Teams can adjust and get the ball out quicker but that didn’t work out for the Giants when they did that against the Eagles. The Eagles no doubt give up a bunch of passing yards but they will bend and not break. The team is missing Ronald Darby and Sidney Jones so what do people expect? Speaking of Darby and Jones, they are set to return very soon so expect them to play against Denver in 2 weeks.

Philadelphia’s only loss came on a road game against the undefeated Chiefs. Even that game was close. This year’s team is winning games that past Eagles team weren’t capable of winning. Like mentioned earlier they have the the “Juice” and it is inspiring. The Eagles are more than likely going to the Playoffs and if they do expect them to make a run. Defense wins championships and having a good offense doesn’t hurt either. For once in a longtime Philadelphia has a team to be proud of.

Eagles Finally Get A W In Washington

Breaking News: The 2017 NFL season has begun and the Eagles still drive every Philly fan nuts. However, it’s not your average gameday because this time the Eagles won. It wasn’t pretty, wasn’t ugly either but a win’s a win and that’s all you can wish for.

The Eagles finally won in Washington which seemed like it would never happen. Kirk Cousins is the Eagles kryptonite but that wasn’t the case this time. The Eagles defense had a very good day only allowing 17 points. The defensive line was very impressive and Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham are living up to their contracts finally. Graham tallied 2 sacks and Fletcher Cox had a sack and scored a defensive touchdown to seal off the victory. The secondary had a decent day, the headline will be newly acquired CB Ronald Darby gets hurt which is a huge deal. With Darby in the game Kirk Cousins was 2-8 and without Darby in Cousins was 21-32. Every Eagles fan should say a prayer from Darby cause without him the Eagles are depleted at the Cornerback position. Jalen Mills came up clutch with a goal line interception and changed the entire game for the Eagles. Mills will be looked at as the No 1 CB until Darby returns to action.

Offensively, Wentz had a solid game. Wentz threw for 307 yards with 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. The interception came on a deflection, and that isn’t Wentz’s fault. There was no rushing game at all and that is completely Doug Pederson’s fault. We gave Pederson a year to adjust to being a head coach and that time is over. Pederson may be the WORST play caller in the NFL. Pederson has yet to be an effective play caller since becoming the head coach in Philly. Doug is pulling a Chip Kelly on the sideline and someone needs to do something about it. The Eagles will continue to be a below average team if every week Wentz throws 40 passes and there isn’t a effective running game. Blount had 14 carries for only 46 yards. Smallwood and Sproles had a total of 6  yards on 6 carries. That is Really bad.

On the brightside Ertz is finally going to have his breakout season. Thanks to Howie Long trading away Wentz’s best friend and favorite target, Ertz is poised to make up for Jordan Matthews absence. Ertz had a 8 receptions for 93 yards and was solid all game long. Nelson FREAKING Agholor even had a good game. He caught an absolute bomb from Carson Wentz almost like week 1 of last year. Agholor finished with 6 catches for 86 yards. That is something that the team can build on and something Agholor badly needed to revive his lackluster NFL career.

Next week will be a challenge when the team travels to Kansas City to face face former Head Coach Andy Reid. The Chiefs killed the Patriots this week and Arrowhead Stadium has the loudest fans in the NFL. For the love of God I hope Doug Pederson gets his head out of his ass and runs the ball next week.

Home Run Darby

The Buffalo Bills have gone full dumpster fire mode and traded away Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby. Easily two their best players now play for somebody else. Luckily, the Eagles landed Ronald Darby in exchange for WR Jordan Matthews and a 2018 3rd round pick.  Darby had a fantastic rookie season and a not so fantastic 2nd season. However, Darby is a total stud and the Eagles are better with him than without.

As soon as the news broke I guarantee almost every Eagles fan had a ”What The f***” moment. The Eagles traded away Jordan Matthews and a 3rd round pick. That is a ton of value just for Ronald Darby. Matthews is Carson Wentz’s best friend on and off the field. Howie Roseman didn’t even consult Wentz before making the trade. That in itself is a huge deal. I seriously doubt that Tom Brady is not included in every deal that takes place in Foxborough. Speaking of the Patriots,  Eric Rowe who was once a young promising Eagles DB now plays for the Patriots. Roseman wants a young core in his secondary but obviously Rowe didn’t appeal to Roseman.

Back to Matthews, he is a valued possession receiver that will be missed in Philadelphia.  He has been durable for the most part and he showed up when needed. Carson won’t have his buddy but that doesn’t mean the offense is going to skip a beat without Matthews. Tight End Zach Ertz will be the top target in the offense this year. No doubt about it. Ertz was the best 2nd half tight end last year and that won’t change. Throw in Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith and the Eagles have weapons. The tricky part is that Nelson Agholor is the new slot wide receiver. Agholor has not lived up to his potential at all. Agholor apparently has had the summer of his life at training camp. Agholor apparently is even getting the best of Malcolm Jenkins. That is impressive but we will all see if Agholor has changed when it actually matters.

Ronald Darby ran a 4.38 at the NFL Combine and scouts say that the speed translates into game speed. He also has 10 more pass breakups than any other corner on Philly’s roster in the last two seasons. Most importantly, Darby has lined up with the likes OBJ and shut him down. Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby will be the starters and Patrick Robinson will defend the slot. The front four was impressive week 1 of the pre season and gives hope for this season. Overall, the core is set unless Roseman decides to trade another asset away for a corner. The possibilities are endless.


Christian McCaffery A.K.A The New Brian Westbrook

This year’s NFL Draft set for April 27th in the City Of Brotherly Love will be a huge night. So huge, yet only 22 prospects have accepted the invite to this years draft. Christian McCaffery is not included in the list of 22. If in fact, McCafferry is drafted by the Eagles which he probably will be; subsequently, he will be missing the loudest ovation of a lifetime. Every sign points to McCaffery being an Eagle because Howie Roseman needs a sure fire first round pick to keep his job. Also if Carson Wentz is going to be Philadelphia’s Batman he is gonna need his Robin to back him up.

So what do we know about the current state of the Eagles? The team’s scheme has Andy Reid written all over it. Carson Wentz isn’t Donovan McNabb but Carson has way more potential than McNabb did this early his career.  If McNabb is Allen Iverson than Carson Wentz is gonna be Russel Westbrook. Andy Reid paired McNabb with Brian Westbrook and the screen game became the Eagles bread and butter. Adding a duel threat receiving back will make the Eagles the threat they need to be within the NFC.

From an Offensive perspective Carson Wentz is a mobile Quarterback. Wentz has decent speed for the position and has the proper length to be effective. Giving him McCaffery would almost for sure make the opposing defense not load the box therefore allowing Carson the time he needs to make the play happen. If a team does load the box than unleash the screen pass and watch Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson decompose the opposing linebackers corps.

The problem with keeping Ryan Matthews is teams know what the Eagles are going to do. The Eagles have Darren Sproles, obviously the Eagles would have Sproles over Matthews in that situation. Matthews is a downhill running back and that’s all he gonna provide for the team when healthy. Even when Matthews is healthy, the guy is very fumble prone and that just ruins everything about his game. Even Sproles has come out and said this will be his last year in the NFL so why not find the next best thing right now.

Brian Westbrook will end up in the Eagles Hall of fame in the near future. Westbrook was a talented running back along with being an explosive Special teams contributor.  He wen’t to several NFC Championships with the Eagles along with being on the 2003-2004 NFC Championship team. If anything, McCaffery really is Brian Westbrook 2.0 and Carson Wentz would bring the most out of McCaffery if drafted by the Eagles.

Not to mention the pedigree of McCaffery’s family. Almost everybody in his immediate family is a professional athlete. His dad is a well known vet and can help his son adapt to the NFL and for some players that takes years to happen. Christian can also play piano man on the Harmonica and that’s what got me on his bandwagon.

The only two reason why the Eagles should not take McCaffery with the 14th pick is either Lattimore is still available which probably won’t happen. Or The Eagles receive an offer for the first round pick that blows their mind away. If Howie Roseman can finesse a trade that allows the team to drop only a few spots back than go for it. The added picks can go towards drafting a Corner back that the Eagles need as well. Overall the Eagles are in primed territory to get better through the draft and that is really exciting news that Eagles fans need.


Eagles Land Alshon Jeffery

The first day of Free Agency was a busy day for the Philadelphia Eagles. The team signed the top playmaker in this years Free Agent class Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery is a huge acquisition that frankly puts the Eagles at the top of the NFC East. Jeffery turned down a long term deal from the Vikings to ultimately cash in for a one year deal worth 14 million dollars with the Eagles.

The one year bet on me deal is great for not only Alshon but it’s even better for the Eagles. The Eagles have given their young prize fighter Carson Wentz a weapon on the outside that will burn secondaries all year long.The growth of Carson is essential for the Eagles long term success and Wentz is about to become a lot more successful. The Eagles have paired Jeffery up with former 49ers WR Torrey Smith who signed a 3 year 15 million dollar deal with birds as well.

The Eagles on paper have a chance to be a contender in the NFC this year. The WR talent was the worst in the NFL and gave the Eagles no chance to be a contender. Alshon changes that. If the Eagles can come away with a running game to compliment the passing game than they’re right there with the Falcons and Packers.

Let’s not forget about defense because the Eagles are very suspect at that part of the game. The Eagles can look to draft a CB with the the 1st round pick the Eagles got in the Sam Bradford trade. The Eagles can also use a early pick on a DL that the Eagles will desperately need after letting Bennie Logan walk and cutting Connor Barwin. The last year the Eagles went CB with their 1st pick was in 2002 by drafting Lito Sheppard. They followed that up with draft not one but two CBs in the 2nd round.

Everyone knows that Doug Pederson is Andy Reid 2.0 so maybe just maybe Pederson is looking to pull an similar move in this year’s draft. Overall the team’s stock is up and that is all you can ask for. Thank you Howie Roseman.

One More Strike and Roseman Is Out

Howie Roseman told reporters at this years NFL Combine that the Eagles will look at players that can stay in Philadelphia for years to come. Roseman believes that drafting the best player available is the way to go rather than drafting for need. Last year, the Eagles obviously wanted their franchise leader in Carson Wentz. That pick was a no brainer. Howie Roseman does not have the  best track record with drafting prospects in the past. So why should anybody trust Howie Roseman to make the right call this time?

Personally speaking, I believe Howie Roseman is a mediocre General Manager. Roseman is great at bringing in Free Agents. The big signings haven’t always panned out but the fact that Roseman can land the big names is very impressive. The drafting Howie Roseman is the worst. Remember Danny Watkins? That was Howie’s 1st round selection in the 2011 draft. Roseman also drafted OLB/DE Marcus Smith who has yet to make an impact in Philadelphia. Roseman did however get it right in 2012 and drafted Fletcher Cox who has turned into a 100 million dollar player.

When the Philadelphia Eagles cut ties with former Coach Chip Kelly the Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie said he will hold people accountable. Well a 7-9 record isn’t good and that has a lot to do with the GM. The pressure has to be on Howie to produce this year and that is why Roseman must land a gem in this year’s draft or he is gone next year.

Drafting the best available is great for a team like the Patriots that literally don’t have glaring needs. The Eagles aren’t in a position to do that. If the Eagles don’t take either a WR or CB in the 1st than Howie is just asking to be fired. The Eagles will be in the middle of the 1st round draft order and will have the opportunity to draft the upper tier prospects. According to NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, these prospects rank amongst the best at the their position:

Eagles Needs: WR,CB,RB

Top 5 WR Prospects (According to Mike Mayock)

  1. Corey Davis, Western Michigan
  2. Mike Williams, Clemson
  3. John Ross, Washington
  4. Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington
  5. Zay Jones, ECU

Top 5 RB Prospects (According to Mike Mayock)

  1. Dalvin Cook, FSU
  2. Leonard Fournette, LSU
  3. Christian Mccaffrey, Stanford
  4. Alvin Kamara, Tennessee
  5. Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

Top 5 CB Prospects (According to Mike Mayock)

  1. Sidney Jones, Washington
  2. Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State
  3. Marlon Humphrey, Alabama
  4. Teez Tabor, Florida
  5. Tre’Davious White, LSU

The Eagles main focus should be Carson Wentz and it is crucial to surround  him with playmakers. That is why Roseman needs to go big this year and if he doesn’t, look for Jeffrey Lurie to send Roseman home.

No More Agholors Please

The Philadelphia Eagles have a giant elephant in the room and it’s not Andy Reid. It’s not even Doug Pederson’s play calling. The Eagles frankly suffer from zero talent at the Wide Receiver position. None at all. Fans will claim that Jordan Matthews is very talented; however, when it comes to playing when has Jordan Matthews ever dominated? On the Eagles Jordan Matthews is the #1 player at the position. On a contender like the Packers or Atlanta Jordan Matthews is a 2 or 3. Obviously, the Eagles are not a contender at the moment but that can change with an overhaul at the position.

The 2016 Eagles started with Jordan Matthews, Dorial Green Beckham, Josh Huff, Nelson Agholor, Rueben Randle and Chris Givens.After finishing 7-9 the Eagles finished with Jordan Matthews, Dorial Green Beckham, Nelson Agholor and Paul Turner. That is arguably the worst lineup in the NFL. Luckily the Eagles have Tight End Zach Ertz who had another solid year and made up for lack of options for Carson Wentz. The Eagles even made 3rd string Tight End Trey Burton a viable option because at least he can catch the ball. Nelson Agholor can not and should not be on the Eagles roster this upcoming season. Agholor has become a liability for the Eagles and I’m not positive that Browns would even want Agholor on their own roster. If the Eagles are scared to cut ties with their 1st round pick from two years ago then put him on special teams but just remember Agholor would still be required to catch punts and kickoffs.

Dorial Green Beckham was acquired in a trade that sent RT Dennis Kelly to the Titans. When the trade went down Eagles fan claimed victory. Beckham on paper is a monster. Beckham has height and speed which are highly valued. Beckham finished the year with 36 catches for 392 yards. Compared to Nelson Agholor who had  36 catches for only 365 yards, Beckham barely beat out a total scrub and does not deserve to be on the Eagles either. It is fair to say the Titans won the trade big time. Paul Turner caught everybody’s attention in Philadelphia with the pre-season that he had. Turner was added to the Practice Squad and wasn’t added to the active roster till the end of the season. Turner has potential and deserves a spot on the active roster with a chance to start. Jordan Matthews is the best the Eagles have and should be kept as a slot receiver.

The Eagles aren’t stupid. Rewind time back to when the Eagles had Lesean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. All three were drafted by the Eagles in the 1st and 2nd rounds of their respective drafts. The 2017 draft which will be held in Philadelphia is loaded with talent at the Wide Receiver position. Scouts claim that Clemson WR Mike Williams is the #1 WR in the draft. Followed by Western Michigan’s Corey Davis and Washington’s John Ross. The Eagles sit at 14 or 15 in this year’s draft. The set draft order isn’t set because the Colts and Eagles are tied. The Eagles must draft either Williams or Davis in the first round because both players are talented enough to be outside receivers for the Eagles. The Eagles should even consider looking at WR options in the later rounds. Someone like JuJu Smith- Schuster from USC is likely to be available in the 2nd to 3rd round this year.

To go along with a first and later round wide out the Eagles should go after Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery is a difference maker and would be the best wideout on a majority of NFL teams. The Eagles will have to pay up for Alshon Jeffery’s talent but it is a total upgrade and has to be strongly considered in Free Agency. Another option for the Eagles would be Miami FA Kenny Stills. Stills is not a great player but he is good. His 2016 stats show that he had a bounce back year from the 2015 campaign. Stills had 42 catches for 726 yards and 9 Touchdowns.

Finally, Desean Jackson should not be playing on the Eagles in 2017. Why? He is an aging player who gets hurt often and doesn’t have the best attitude. No doubt Desean can beat almost any secondary in the NFL but do the pros outweigh the pros? No, they do not. There is no telling how much money Jackson will demand in Free Agency. Carson Wentz does not need anybody telling him who to throw to and that is what Jackson has complained about his entire career.