Christian McCaffery A.K.A The New Brian Westbrook

This year’s NFL Draft set for April 27th in the City Of Brotherly Love will be a huge night. So huge, yet only 22 prospects have accepted the invite to this years draft. Christian McCaffery is not included in the list of 22. If in fact, McCafferry is drafted by the Eagles which he probably will be; subsequently, he will be missing the loudest ovation of a lifetime. Every sign points to McCaffery being an Eagle because Howie Roseman needs a sure fire first round pick to keep his job. Also if Carson Wentz is going to be Philadelphia’s Batman he is gonna need his Robin to back him up.

So what do we know about the current state of the Eagles? The team’s scheme has Andy Reid written all over it. Carson Wentz isn’t Donovan McNabb but Carson has way more potential than McNabb did this early his career.  If McNabb is Allen Iverson than Carson Wentz is gonna be Russel Westbrook. Andy Reid paired McNabb with Brian Westbrook and the screen game became the Eagles bread and butter. Adding a duel threat receiving back will make the Eagles the threat they need to be within the NFC.

From an Offensive perspective Carson Wentz is a mobile Quarterback. Wentz has decent speed for the position and has the proper length to be effective. Giving him McCaffery would almost for sure make the opposing defense not load the box therefore allowing Carson the time he needs to make the play happen. If a team does load the box than unleash the screen pass and watch Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson decompose the opposing linebackers corps.

The problem with keeping Ryan Matthews is teams know what the Eagles are going to do. The Eagles have Darren Sproles, obviously the Eagles would have Sproles over Matthews in that situation. Matthews is a downhill running back and that’s all he gonna provide for the team when healthy. Even when Matthews is healthy, the guy is very fumble prone and that just ruins everything about his game. Even Sproles has come out and said this will be his last year in the NFL so why not find the next best thing right now.

Brian Westbrook will end up in the Eagles Hall of fame in the near future. Westbrook was a talented running back along with being an explosive Special teams contributor.  He wen’t to several NFC Championships with the Eagles along with being on the 2003-2004 NFC Championship team. If anything, McCaffery really is Brian Westbrook 2.0 and Carson Wentz would bring the most out of McCaffery if drafted by the Eagles.

Not to mention the pedigree of McCaffery’s family. Almost everybody in his immediate family is a professional athlete. His dad is a well known vet and can help his son adapt to the NFL and for some players that takes years to happen. Christian can also play piano man on the Harmonica and that’s what got me on his bandwagon.

The only two reason why the Eagles should not take McCaffery with the 14th pick is either Lattimore is still available which probably won’t happen. Or The Eagles receive an offer for the first round pick that blows their mind away. If Howie Roseman can finesse a trade that allows the team to drop only a few spots back than go for it. The added picks can go towards drafting a Corner back that the Eagles need as well. Overall the Eagles are in primed territory to get better through the draft and that is really exciting news that Eagles fans need.


2017 NFL Mock Draft

  1. Browns: Myles Garrett /DE Texas A&
  2. 49ers: Solomon Thomas / DE Stanford
  3. Bears: Jamal Adams / S LSU
  4. Jaguars: Leonard Fournette / RB LSU
  5. Titans: Mike Williams / WR Clemson
  6. Jets: Marshon Lattimore / CB Ohio State
  7. Chargers: Jonathan Allen / DL Alabama
  8. Panthers: Malik Hooker / S Ohio State
  9. Bengals: Haason Reddick / LB Temple
  10. Bills: O.J Howard / TE Alabama
  11. Saints: Corey Davis / WR Western Michigan
  12. Browns: Deshaun Watson / QB Clemson
  13. Cardinals: Mitchell Trubisky / QB North Carolina
  14. Eagles: Marlon Humphrey / CB Alabama
  15. Colts:  Derek Barnett / DE Tennessee
  16. Ravens: Takkarist McKinley / LB UCLA
  17. Redskins: Gareon Conley / CB Ohio State
  18. Titans: Charles Davis / DE Missouri
  19. Buccaneers:  David Njoku / TE Miami
  20. Broncos: Cam Robinson / OT Alabama
  21. Lions: Reuben Foster / LB Alabama
  22. Dolphins: John Ross / WR Washington
  23. Giants: Forest Lamp / G Western Kentucky
  24. Raiders: Dalvin Cook / RB FSU
  25. Texans: Patrick Mahomes / QB Texas Tech
  26. Seahawks: Jabrill Peppers / SS Michigan
  27. Chiefs: T.J Watt / LB Wisconsin
  28. Cowboys: Kevin King / CB Washington
  29. Packers: Christian McCaffrey / RB Stanford
  30. Steelers: Zach Cunningham / LB Vanderbilt
  31. Falcons: Malik McDowell / DT Michigan State
  32. Saints: Deshone Kizer / QB Notre Dame

One More Strike and Roseman Is Out

Howie Roseman told reporters at this years NFL Combine that the Eagles will look at players that can stay in Philadelphia for years to come. Roseman believes that drafting the best player available is the way to go rather than drafting for need. Last year, the Eagles obviously wanted their franchise leader in Carson Wentz. That pick was a no brainer. Howie Roseman does not have the  best track record with drafting prospects in the past. So why should anybody trust Howie Roseman to make the right call this time?

Personally speaking, I believe Howie Roseman is a mediocre General Manager. Roseman is great at bringing in Free Agents. The big signings haven’t always panned out but the fact that Roseman can land the big names is very impressive. The drafting Howie Roseman is the worst. Remember Danny Watkins? That was Howie’s 1st round selection in the 2011 draft. Roseman also drafted OLB/DE Marcus Smith who has yet to make an impact in Philadelphia. Roseman did however get it right in 2012 and drafted Fletcher Cox who has turned into a 100 million dollar player.

When the Philadelphia Eagles cut ties with former Coach Chip Kelly the Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie said he will hold people accountable. Well a 7-9 record isn’t good and that has a lot to do with the GM. The pressure has to be on Howie to produce this year and that is why Roseman must land a gem in this year’s draft or he is gone next year.

Drafting the best available is great for a team like the Patriots that literally don’t have glaring needs. The Eagles aren’t in a position to do that. If the Eagles don’t take either a WR or CB in the 1st than Howie is just asking to be fired. The Eagles will be in the middle of the 1st round draft order and will have the opportunity to draft the upper tier prospects. According to NFL Network’s Mike Mayock, these prospects rank amongst the best at the their position:

Eagles Needs: WR,CB,RB

Top 5 WR Prospects (According to Mike Mayock)

  1. Corey Davis, Western Michigan
  2. Mike Williams, Clemson
  3. John Ross, Washington
  4. Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington
  5. Zay Jones, ECU

Top 5 RB Prospects (According to Mike Mayock)

  1. Dalvin Cook, FSU
  2. Leonard Fournette, LSU
  3. Christian Mccaffrey, Stanford
  4. Alvin Kamara, Tennessee
  5. Joe Mixon, Oklahoma

Top 5 CB Prospects (According to Mike Mayock)

  1. Sidney Jones, Washington
  2. Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State
  3. Marlon Humphrey, Alabama
  4. Teez Tabor, Florida
  5. Tre’Davious White, LSU

The Eagles main focus should be Carson Wentz and it is crucial to surround  him with playmakers. That is why Roseman needs to go big this year and if he doesn’t, look for Jeffrey Lurie to send Roseman home.