There Still Is Hope In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the season at 13-3 and secured home field advantage in this year’s  NFL Playoffs. The only problem is that Carson Wentz will not be leading the team to the Superbowl, it will be his backup Nick Foles. The 2013 version of  Nick Foles couldn’t even win a playoff game; however, the team is way better than it was the last time they went to the Playoffs.

Obviously speaking, Foles is not even close to Carson Wentz. Even 3rd string QB Nate Sudfeld looked  more promising than Foles. However, Foles does have Playoff experience and that is huge for the Eagles. Foles is aware of the pressure that he will be under in Philadelphia in less than 2 weeks. The Eagles will have to face either the Saints, Panthers or Falcons. The Eagles beat the Panthers earlier in the season in Carolina. The Saints have a dangerous run game but the Eagles have the best rush defense in the NFL. The Falcons barely made it into the Playoffs and haven’t looked that great at any point in the season.

Here is a bold statement but it makes sense: The Falcons WILL beat the Rams. Why? The Rams have a young Qb with no Playoff experience. A head coach who has zero playoff experience. McVay did not even go to the Playoffs with the Redskins when he was on that staff. Mix that in with a physical Atlanta defense who not only can dial up a pass rush but can also stop the run. Coach Dan Quinn and Matt Ryan have Playoff experience and lots of talent on both sides of the ball. Look for a huge upset omn Wild Card Weekend.

If the Falcons do beat the Rams than the Eagles will play the Falcons in Philadelphia. Here is why the Eagles will beat the Atlanta Falcons even with Nick Foles. Defense, Defense and more defense. If the defensive line of the Eagles gets to Matt Ryan than it should be a easy win for the Eagles. The run defense should hold steady against the likes of Freeman and Coleman. That will put a lot of pressure on Matt Ryan to score points and that will be hard when Julio Jones will be double covered most of the game. Speaking of Julio Jones, he has had a solid year but has only scored 3 times all season. Mohamed Sanu has 5 Touchdowns on the year and Taylor Gabriel only has 1.

Doug Pederson needs to admit that Foles is not Wentz and can not run the same offense with Foles. Jay Ajayi and Blount need to be force fed the ball and use Clement on screen plays. If the Eagles do just enough on offense the Eagles should walk into the Superbowl. Nick Foles is 9-0 as the Eagles starter when playing at the Linc. So there is a chance.

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