Bird Gang Shows Out In Carolina

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Carolina Panthers in a huge road game Thursday night. The win puts the Eagles at 5-1 overall and atop the NFC as a whole. It is never safe to make assumptions about a Philadelphia team but this year’s Eagles team is a legit contender. They have the “Sauce”, the “Juice” and most importantly they have their shit together. There has been a lot of suffering in Philadelphia but the Eagles are making up for everything and more.

To start out, let’s give a S/O to “Superman”  Cam Newton for throwing 3 interceptions in Thursday night’s game. The problem with Cam Newton is that he lacks the mental capacity to be a Top 10 QB in the NFL. The guy has all the talent in the world and will never be able to put it together because he will never evolve. If it wasn’t for Carolina’s defense the Panthers would not be a good team. If you watched the game after halftime it was almost as if Newton gave up. The Eagles pass rush literally made Newton give up. It is hard to come back when your “leader” isn’t the leader that every team looks for in their QB. It was also disconcerting to hear the remarks made about about women’s role in sports coverage. Women have every right to be respected in the world of sports. There are so many talented women covering sports on so many networks and they deserve credit where credit is due and most importantly respect.

Back to the game, Carson Wentz was 16 for 30 with 3 TD’s. Back to back games with at least 3 TD’s for Wentz and overall the offense is rolling. Who would have thought that Nelson Agholor would be balling out this season. He pretty much saved his career with the numbers he is putting up this season. He caught a pass from Wentz on a slant and took it to the house. His speed is very impressive and most importantly he is holding onto the ball this year. Zach Ertz only had two catches against Carolina but those catches were two touchdowns. Ertz leads all Tight Ends in catches and receiving yards. Ertz has benefitted the most from Jordan Matthews being traded. Ertz is the security blanket that keeps the offense rolling. Alshon Jeffery again didn’t have a great game but it depends how you look at it. Opposing defenses have to respect Jeffery’s ability on the outside. He is more of a decoy than a playmaker in Philadelphia.  If this was the NBA, he would be Dwyane Wade when LeBron played with the Heat. If teams don’t respect Jeffery than Wentz has a deep threat target that will terrorize opposing DB’s. Blount had another solid game against another run stopping defense. Blount ran 14 times for 67 yards and did most of his damage when the Eagles really needed it. There was speculation that Blount would be cut this offseason but he is proving doubters wrong every week.

Defensively, the front 7 had another great game. Jim Johnson is looking down on this team with a smile. Cox came back from injury and literally threw a 300 pound offensive lineman into Cam Newton’s lap and made it into a turnover. The Eagles are ranked as the 3rd best defense in the NFL and it is why the Eagles are a legit contender. Name a QB who plays well under pressure. You can’t. The Eagles will make every QB they face this year play bad. There isn’t a offensive line in the NFL that can contain Cox, Jernigan, Graham, and Long.  Teams can adjust and get the ball out quicker but that didn’t work out for the Giants when they did that against the Eagles. The Eagles no doubt give up a bunch of passing yards but they will bend and not break. The team is missing Ronald Darby and Sidney Jones so what do people expect? Speaking of Darby and Jones, they are set to return very soon so expect them to play against Denver in 2 weeks.

Philadelphia’s only loss came on a road game against the undefeated Chiefs. Even that game was close. This year’s team is winning games that past Eagles team weren’t capable of winning. Like mentioned earlier they have the the “Juice” and it is inspiring. The Eagles are more than likely going to the Playoffs and if they do expect them to make a run. Defense wins championships and having a good offense doesn’t hurt either. For once in a longtime Philadelphia has a team to be proud of.

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