Home Run Darby

The Buffalo Bills have gone full dumpster fire mode and traded away Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby. Easily two their best players now play for somebody else. Luckily, the Eagles landed Ronald Darby in exchange for WR Jordan Matthews and a 2018 3rd round pick.  Darby had a fantastic rookie season and a not so fantastic 2nd season. However, Darby is a total stud and the Eagles are better with him than without.

As soon as the news broke I guarantee almost every Eagles fan had a ”What The f***” moment. The Eagles traded away Jordan Matthews and a 3rd round pick. That is a ton of value just for Ronald Darby. Matthews is Carson Wentz’s best friend on and off the field. Howie Roseman didn’t even consult Wentz before making the trade. That in itself is a huge deal. I seriously doubt that Tom Brady is not included in every deal that takes place in Foxborough. Speaking of the Patriots,  Eric Rowe who was once a young promising Eagles DB now plays for the Patriots. Roseman wants a young core in his secondary but obviously Rowe didn’t appeal to Roseman.

Back to Matthews, he is a valued possession receiver that will be missed in Philadelphia.  He has been durable for the most part and he showed up when needed. Carson won’t have his buddy but that doesn’t mean the offense is going to skip a beat without Matthews. Tight End Zach Ertz will be the top target in the offense this year. No doubt about it. Ertz was the best 2nd half tight end last year and that won’t change. Throw in Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith and the Eagles have weapons. The tricky part is that Nelson Agholor is the new slot wide receiver. Agholor has not lived up to his potential at all. Agholor apparently has had the summer of his life at training camp. Agholor apparently is even getting the best of Malcolm Jenkins. That is impressive but we will all see if Agholor has changed when it actually matters.

Ronald Darby ran a 4.38 at the NFL Combine and scouts say that the speed translates into game speed. He also has 10 more pass breakups than any other corner on Philly’s roster in the last two seasons. Most importantly, Darby has lined up with the likes OBJ and shut him down. Jalen Mills and Ronald Darby will be the starters and Patrick Robinson will defend the slot. The front four was impressive week 1 of the pre season and gives hope for this season. Overall, the core is set unless Roseman decides to trade another asset away for a corner. The possibilities are endless.


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