Super Team Super Team Super Team

The Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics have agreed to a trade that would send Philadelphia the #1 pick in 2017 and Boston gets 2017 3rd pick, 2018 1st round Lakers pick (2-5 protected) and 2019 Kings 1st round pick. The Sixers will draft presumptive top prospect Markelle Fultz out of Washington with the first pick. Fultz averaged just over 23 points along with nearly 6 assist and rebounds per game.

The best part about the trade is that the Sixers will have their foundation for the future. The starting rotation is filled with potential. There is a strong argument to be made that the rotation is the most athletic in the NBA. As well as having 4 players that are 6’7 and taller in the starting 5 making Fultz the smallest in the lineup at 6’4. The height isn’t a weakness in this case. Defensively, Covington is a lockdown defender. Embiid and Saric have shown they can defend the paint and Simmons hasn’t played a game yet; however, his versatility should allow him to defend every position making him a valuable asset in Philadelphia.

Offensively, the Sixers are bound to put up numbers all day everyday. For the other 29 teams it will be a challenge to match up with Philadelphia.  Embiid can literally play any position. He has said that he can play at the point guard position and dominate. How Embiid stretches the floor and has improved his range since being drafted it’s hard to disagree with his statement. Dario Saric is an athletic forward who can play as the stretch forward or center if Head Coach Brett Brown implements a small lineup. Ben Simmons is literally everything. The boy is 6’10 and has Magic Johnson written on his forehead. When Fultz is not playing point it is likely that Simmons will takeover. Every team needs a 3 point shooter in their lineup and Robert Covington is that guy. He can shoot and defend making him an asset. Covington isn’t guaranteed a starting spot but it is very likely if the Sixers do not add a high profile shooting Guard in Free Agency. Of Course Markelle Fultz is going to be the starting Point Guard in Philadelphia. He is the best shooter in this year’s draft class and he can rebound and pass the ball efficiently. Fultz probably can be compared to Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is this year’s MVP by a long shot and if Fultz is half of the player that Westbrook is than Fultz will be a great ball player.

This year is the year that the Sixers absolutely must spend their money. Philadelphia leads the NBA in cap space and it is a perfect time to spend it. J.J Redick should be at the top of the list for the Sixers in Free Agency. Redick has shot and drained 3 point shots  his whole career. He can play defense and maybe most importantly he is a locker room leader. The young Sixers roster really has no veteran experience. Especially players who have played on contenders. Redick is a lifelong Clippers player and has played on both a terrible and good Clippers team. Dion Waiters should take a serious look at joining his hometown team. Waiters has never been a key part of any team before; however, he would be a solid 6th man in the rotation and could serve as a leader off the bench.

T.J McConnell started at point guard for the 76ers last year and is better served coming off the bench. McConnell is the blue collar player that gives it his all every night and exemplifies Philadelphia’s culture. Richaun Holmes is a solid young forward that can play power forward behind Saric. Holmes got lost in the shuffle when Nerlens Noel still played in Philly but after that Holmes showed that he can contribute whenever called upon. The Sixers need to sign Luc Richard Mbah a Moute this off-season. People reading this are probably asking why.  Two reasons and one is huge. Joel and Luc are best friends. They are both from the same country and having him return to Philly would be awesome. The guy has way to long of a name to write but he shot close to 40% from three last year and is a solid defender. The partnership is highly ideal and would help the Sixers in more ways than one.

The biggest issue that the Sixers face is injuries. Ben Simmons hasn’t played a game yet and Embiid played 31 games in 3 years. That’s insane and scary at the same time. Fultz has suffered a not so serious knee injury last season and hopefully that’s all that it will ever be.When healthy the Sixers are a super team on paper. Maybe not now because of the inexperience but playoffs are bound to happen this year and beating the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals next season. This is what Sam Hinkie was put on Earth for to be the Sixers GM. He may not be there now but Trusting The Process has never been stronger. Instead of beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice in Philly it’s Super Team Super Team Super Team.

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