Shades of Reggie White In Philadelphia

This years NFL Draft delivered big time in every aspect. The Philadelphia crowd was amazing and showed everybody why Philadelphia has the best fans in the world. For the Eagles themselves they had a fantastic draft. For once, the team seemed like they knew what they were doing. Everybody knew Howie Roseman needed a good draft to save his job and with Joe Douglas calling the shots that’s exactly what happened.

It’s a pretty safe bet that everybody’s mock draft was ruined when the Bears moved up one spot to add another non proven Quarterback to their roster. People claim that the Eagles made a worse deal to move up to get Wentz but that is fake news. Comparing Wentz to Trubisky is like comparing Allen Iverson to Jimmer Fredette. If there were any people that thought the Eagles would draft a Wide Receiver that went out the window when the top 4 receivers were drafted within the top 10 picks. Than the Saints were on the clock and killed the possibility of the Eagles drafting Marshon Lattimore.

Finally, the Eagles were on the clock and what did they do? They didn’t draft a Cornerback that the team desperately needed. They didn’t draft Jonathan Allen a player who maybe was top 3 in the draft talent wise. They drafted the player who broke Reggie White’s Tennessee sack record. With the 14th pick in 2017 draft the Philadelphia Eagles drafted edge rusher Derek Barnett.

The first thing that I bet everybody thought was is Barnett another Marcus Smith in the making. The answer is probably not. Marcus Smith was a ”potential” pick that never worked out. Smith played well in Louisville’s 4-3 scheme but was drafted to play for a transitioning 3-4 Eagles team led by former Head Coach Chip Kelly. Barnett is a true first round talent and proved it while beating SEC Tackles every Saturday afternoon. Some scouts have mentioned Barnett is better than Myles Garrett which may be true. Barnett doesn’t take plays off and is a blue collar worker that Philly faithful will hopefully fall in love with. Garrett is the same person who also said he wanted the Cowboys to draft him so obviously Barnett is mentally superior to Garrett.

Derek Barnett makes his money by blowing by his assignment and getting to the Quarterback. The guy is really quick and has a motor that doesn’t quit. With Barnett on the roster it seems that Vinny Curry’s days are numbered. Curry has potential but hasn’t gotten the opportunity to show it. With what the Eagles are paying Curry it doesn’t look good for him at the moment. On paper the line is stacked. With Barnett, Jernigan, Cox and Graham the Eagles are pretty solid. Throw in rotational players like Beau Allen, Vinny Curry and Destiny Vaeao the Eagles will dominate in the Wide nine. Not to mention the added pressure will help the Eagles bolstered secondary led by Jenkins and Mills.

The Eagles were not the overall winners of the draft by any means. However, the Eagles had pretty good off-season and the team is in position to maybe make the playoffs this year. The team will have a better look at their new star when rookie mini camp starts in a few weeks. In the meantime look out for a trade that involves Kendricks as a possible target for several teams.

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