Colangelo Trades The Wrong Big Man

The Philadelphia 76ers traded away Nerlens Noel to the Dallas Mavericks  for Andrew Bogut, Justin Anderson and a 1st round pick. It has been rumored for weeks that Jahlil Okafor would be traded but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There is a case to be made that Noel is better than Okafor and that is the problem with this trade. Noel can play defense and has a game that compliments Joel  Embiid. Jahlil Okafor plays on the block and that’s all he does.So for Bryan Colangelo to trade away Noel instead of Okafor is a total disaster.

Embiid and Okafor on the same court will not work out. Add simmons into the mix and it makes matters even worse. The Sixers should look to deal Okafor at any cost now. Take a hard look at drafting Jayson Tatum and of course a Guard like Ball or Fultz and call it a day. Move Simmons to the Power Forward position and let Tatum play on the wing. That lineup would have the potential to contend in a few years.

This deal signals that the tanking is not yet over and shows the Sixers won’t be ready to win for another couple years. Sam Hinkie is probably in his feelings right now after seeing the first player he ever drafted being traded away for absolute nothing. This trade is almost as bad as Eagles WR Nelson Agholor.

Not to mention that the Sixers traded away Ilyasova away to the Atlanta Hawks for Tiago Splitter and 2 second round picks. The Sixers have turned a bad situation into a protected(1-18) 1st round pick and 2 2nd round picks. The trade deadline is at 3pm today so let’s see if Colangelo can deal Okafor away before that.

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