No More Agholors Please

The Philadelphia Eagles have a giant elephant in the room and it’s not Andy Reid. It’s not even Doug Pederson’s play calling. The Eagles frankly suffer from zero talent at the Wide Receiver position. None at all. Fans will claim that Jordan Matthews is very talented; however, when it comes to playing when has Jordan Matthews ever dominated? On the Eagles Jordan Matthews is the #1 player at the position. On a contender like the Packers or Atlanta Jordan Matthews is a 2 or 3. Obviously, the Eagles are not a contender at the moment but that can change with an overhaul at the position.

The 2016 Eagles started with Jordan Matthews, Dorial Green Beckham, Josh Huff, Nelson Agholor, Rueben Randle and Chris Givens.After finishing 7-9 the Eagles finished with Jordan Matthews, Dorial Green Beckham, Nelson Agholor and Paul Turner. That is arguably the worst lineup in the NFL. Luckily the Eagles have Tight End Zach Ertz who had another solid year and made up for lack of options for Carson Wentz. The Eagles even made 3rd string Tight End Trey Burton a viable option because at least he can catch the ball. Nelson Agholor can not and should not be on the Eagles roster this upcoming season. Agholor has become a liability for the Eagles and I’m not positive that Browns would even want Agholor on their own roster. If the Eagles are scared to cut ties with their 1st round pick from two years ago then put him on special teams but just remember Agholor would still be required to catch punts and kickoffs.

Dorial Green Beckham was acquired in a trade that sent RT Dennis Kelly to the Titans. When the trade went down Eagles fan claimed victory. Beckham on paper is a monster. Beckham has height and speed which are highly valued. Beckham finished the year with 36 catches for 392 yards. Compared to Nelson Agholor who had  36 catches for only 365 yards, Beckham barely beat out a total scrub and does not deserve to be on the Eagles either. It is fair to say the Titans won the trade big time. Paul Turner caught everybody’s attention in Philadelphia with the pre-season that he had. Turner was added to the Practice Squad and wasn’t added to the active roster till the end of the season. Turner has potential and deserves a spot on the active roster with a chance to start. Jordan Matthews is the best the Eagles have and should be kept as a slot receiver.

The Eagles aren’t stupid. Rewind time back to when the Eagles had Lesean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. All three were drafted by the Eagles in the 1st and 2nd rounds of their respective drafts. The 2017 draft which will be held in Philadelphia is loaded with talent at the Wide Receiver position. Scouts claim that Clemson WR Mike Williams is the #1 WR in the draft. Followed by Western Michigan’s Corey Davis and Washington’s John Ross. The Eagles sit at 14 or 15 in this year’s draft. The set draft order isn’t set because the Colts and Eagles are tied. The Eagles must draft either Williams or Davis in the first round because both players are talented enough to be outside receivers for the Eagles. The Eagles should even consider looking at WR options in the later rounds. Someone like JuJu Smith- Schuster from USC is likely to be available in the 2nd to 3rd round this year.

To go along with a first and later round wide out the Eagles should go after Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery is a difference maker and would be the best wideout on a majority of NFL teams. The Eagles will have to pay up for Alshon Jeffery’s talent but it is a total upgrade and has to be strongly considered in Free Agency. Another option for the Eagles would be Miami FA Kenny Stills. Stills is not a great player but he is good. His 2016 stats show that he had a bounce back year from the 2015 campaign. Stills had 42 catches for 726 yards and 9 Touchdowns.

Finally, Desean Jackson should not be playing on the Eagles in 2017. Why? He is an aging player who gets hurt often and doesn’t have the best attitude. No doubt Desean can beat almost any secondary in the NFL but do the pros outweigh the pros? No, they do not. There is no telling how much money Jackson will demand in Free Agency. Carson Wentz does not need anybody telling him who to throw to and that is what Jackson has complained about his entire career.

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