Eagles Need To Sign Mike Tolbert

The Carolina Panthers have recently released long time FB Mike Tolbert. Tolbert spent a good portion of his career with the team and is now on the free market. It is not clear who Tolbert wants to play for next season but it’s crystal clear that the Eagles need to sign Tolbert in Free Agency.

The reason why Tolbert is a need and not want is because using Beau Allen should not be an option at Fullback. Doug Pederson must of loved watching the “The Fridge” aka William Perry on the Bears growing up. Beau Allen is not Perry but Mike Tolbert is the next best thing. Having a bowling ball with legs, lining up behind Carson Wentz is just what the Eagles need to make scoring Red Zone Great Again.

Doug Pederson brought the West Coast Offense back to Philadelphia in his first year as the Eagles Head Coach. The fullback position isn’t the most attractive position but if used correctly the fullback can add a scary dimension to any offense. So what makes Tolbert a prime candidate for the Eagles? There are several reasons. The guy does not fumble the ball. The last time Mike Tolbert fumbled was when he played for the Chargers. That’s a total of 6 seasons ago. That is incredible and something Eagles backs like Ryan Matthews has suffered with throughout his career. The Eagles would have more win one their record if Ryan Mathews holds onto the ball in Detroit.

Another reason, Tolbert brings a Veteran presence that Carson Wentz could benefit from. At the moment Ryan Matthews is likely done in Philadelphia and Darren Sproles is ending his career next year. That means the Eagles will be getting a new running back in the near future. Dalvin Cook is a prime candidate in the draft. The Eagles could wait a year and go after Penn State stud Saquon Barkley. Or the Eagles could go after Raiders FA Latavius Murray who was recently seen working out with Carson Wentz. Either way having a proven back like Tolbert mentor your backfield is great for everybody involved.

The biggest reason why Tolbert should play for Philly is because he would produce in the Eagles offense. There have been so many times where the Eagles were stopped on 4th down or in the Red Zone because they can’t get that one pivotal yard. Nobody goes for it more on 4th down than the Eagles. Tolbert’s 5-9 250lb frame is made for 4th and short situations. Also having a good quality fullback would help play action plays. Carson Wentz excels in play action plays and dumping it off to Tolbert who can catch would expand Carson’s arsenal.

Rewind time back to 2009 and 2010. The Eagles had fullback Leonard Weaver. The former Seahawk had a promising 2 seasons with the Eagles before breaking his leg and ending his career. In those two seasons the Eagles made it to the playoffs both years.  The Eagles have only made it to the Playoffs one time since 2010. We aren’t saying having a fullback will take the Eagles to the postseason but Tolbert could be the answer the Eagles have been looking for.

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